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PK Construction LLC has the expertise, creativity, and quality workmanship to build you the home addition that you need. Adding to your existing home can provide you with additional space, warmth, comfort, beauty and value. PK Construction LLC can give you those extra touches without you having to compromise the home of your dreams by you having to move somewhere else.

Call us today to discuss any of the project services that we offer. If you have something in mind that you do not see listed, do not hesitate to talk to us about it. With our experience and many years providing quality service, we stand behind our work. We handle all the necessary permits needed so that all you have to focus on is how lovely your addition will look. Let PK Construction LLC add to the magnificence of your home.


Bump Outs are less expensive than full-sized home additions. They are smaller areas that can seamlessly blend in, creating more space for something smaller in mind rather than a full-scale add-on. Since bump outs are smaller, they will not usually require heating or cooling services which will save the home owner money.

For a small scale solution to your space options, Bump Outs might be just what you need. With our many years of experiences, creativity and knowledge, PK Construction LLC can give your home the space it needs. Adding not only to your comfort but to the value of your home as well, we will handle everything needed to get you the space that you desire.


Sometimes with growing families, kids coming home from college, in-laws, and etc., a whole lot more living space is needed. But there is no need to move and give up the home that you love!

PK Construction LLC can add-a-level to your existing home by building an entirely new level making it larger to accommodate all that you need. Imagine being in the home of your dreams and having another floor added, giving you more space, and adding value to your home.

Contact PK Construction LLC to discuss an add-a-level for your home. We take care of all the necessary permits and all of the work leaving you only with a beautiful, completed project.


Dormers are additions to a house through an existing attic area. The existing roof is cut open, and then raised to add an additional bedroom or bathroom on a second or third floor.

Contact PK Construction LLC to discuss the best dormers for your home. And then leave all the work to us to create a dormer that will enhance the beauty and value of your home.


While adding a level generally means to build upwards, home add-ons can extend part of your home that you desire to have more space.

Whether you need the additional living area for your comfort, storage, or you merely want to add to the value of your home, PK Construction LLC can give you all that. Contact us today to discuss the best option for you.


Most basements are used for major utilities, laundry rooms, and become a room to hoard things leaving so much space to be wasted. Finished basements not only add rooms to your home, therefore adding to the comfort and value but can provide additional living space for a family member or someone you want to rent out to.

PK Construction LLC will handle all the necessary permits and work leaving you with a finished basement you will be proud of. Contact us  today to discuss how we can make this happen for you.


The least used part of a home is often the attic. A finished attic can give you another room in your home to enjoy and utilize while also adding to the value of your home. Gone are the days of the dark and dreary, lifeless attics with its cobwebs and dust. A room with no life!

PK Construction LLC can change all that for you. Contact us today to discuss how we can create a finished attic that has a story and is full of life. We will handle all necessary permits and of course do all the work, leaving you only to bask in a new room that you did not even think was possible.